Paypal Payment System

Superior Glass Block and More accepts Paypal payments.

Please Enter Your Payment Amount
and press "PayPal Buy Now" button.

Using PayPal Instructions:
Upon selecting the PAYPAL button, you will be linked to Paypal's 128 bit secured processing servers. Please read the Paypal instructions carefully. The process is very secure and straight forward and will allow you to make a payment almost immediately.

If you have any questions or concerns about the security aspects of the payment process, please contact us.

Please be advised:
There is a 5% add on charge based on the total amount
to be paid, if you DO NOT have a PayPal account.

Example: Let's say you are paying One Hundred ($100.00) dollars.
5% of One Hundred dollars is: Five ($5.00) dollars.
Your total payment would be: $105.00

Hope this helps!