Basement Window and Well Installation Construction Steps

We cover your lawn to prevent damage, cement cutting, installation of the egress window

Steps in constructing and installing an emergency escape basement egress window and well system:

Superior Glass Block and More installation packages includes all labor, permit charges, and materials listed
in our pricing guides to install your emergency egress escape window system.

  • We obtain a building permit.
  • We have the property staked and assessed.
  • We cover your lawn with plywood to help prevent damage to your lawn.
  • We excavate for the window well and dig down to your perimeter drainage and install a new drain.
  • We precut and use a ring saw for straight accurate cuts.
  • We install the egress window well and backfill with 2-3 yards of pea stone.
    This extra step provides the best drainage possible.
  • We install the egress windows and trim the exterior to be maintenance free.
  • We install the cover for well.
  • We haul away dirt and debris for a broom-clean job.

Superior Egress systems are usually installed within one day. We do not subcontract our work. All job quotes include a lid for your well. This is not a federal code, but for insurance purposes, a lid keeps out small animals and children as well as large debris.

Superior installs only the best industry leaders like Bomen-Kemp, Rockwell and Wellcraft wells for your Egress escape window well. Astro Egress escape windows are installed with industry approved Leigh S Type mortor. This eliminates rot problems from wooden frames. The transom over your window is made of Pittsburgh Corning glass block. This creates a water tight environment and allows in extra light. This feature comes standard and is included in the price of your Egress installation.

Superior Glass Block and More, Inc. specializes in basement egress windows and wells. We completely install your basement egress window and well from start to finish.

Turn your basement into a natural light filled area and at the same time ensuring the safety of your family with a reliable emergency exit egress window.

Things to consider before trying to do-it-yourself.

Installation requires a skilled licensed contractor who specializes in basement foundation work and has the experience, knowledge, tools and equipment to install egress windows.

Cutting into the foundation wall, especially masonry requires expensive diamond cutting equipment and an experienced operator in order to insure straight accurate cuts.

The foundation wall is the main support of the entire house and whether you cut into a poured wall, a block wall, or a wood wall foundation, it must be properly cut, supported and proper headers installed to insure the integrity of the entire structure.

A finished installed basement emergency egress escape window system